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Rachel L

Eliza has truly been a joy to work with this year! We began working together in February 2018, just after she moved to Tokyo. She plans interesting, challenging workouts that push my limits without exceeding them, helps me adjust the plan for the inevitable life circumstances, and has truly been the loudest cheerleader in my running life. It has been absolutely no problem that she lives on the other side of the globe. We connect digitally, and I am always excited to show her my splits after a tough workout. I was having a rough workout one evening and video called her right from the trail, no matter that she was heading to work the next morning in Tokyo! She reassured me that off days happen and helped me salvage the evening. My goal for the summer was to race my various relay races hard and strong, and I was able to achieve that with her help. Now, strong and healthy, I feel ready to start taking on my 10k/5k/mile personal records. I know that Eliza's support and intelligently designed training plans will help get me there! On a personal level, Eliza is incredibly inspiring to me because she is strong, loyal, caring, smart, and ambitious. No goal is out of reach when you have someone like Eliza supporting you! 

Victoria R

Prior to working with Eliza I was just winging it and didn't really have a plan and wasn't seeing improvements that I wanted to. When when we started working together, having a set plan gave me more guidance and allowed me to push myself harder and hold me accountable. And to no surprise, I started seeing the improvements I was looking for. I was able to PR in a 5K thanks to her help and I'm looking forward to see what I can do with my next race with her help! 

Shana B

My goal was to walk/run my first half marathon. I ended up being able to jog/run most of the half, exception being mile 9 [uphill] where I walked the whole thing. I couldn’t believe that a non-runner, over 40 like me could do this in just two months... it was an amazing experience!  

Nori S

I hated running since as long as I can remember but I wanted to challenge myself to accomplish something before I turned 30. I signed up for a 20km race and asked Eliza for help. My goal was to a) run the whole 20km without walking or stopping, and b) enjoy myself - without sustaining any kind of long term injury. Eliza added a time goal - which I told her I will ignore - but amazingly, at the end of 12 weeks, I accomplished all the goals including the time goal Eliza had set! Now I enjoy running so much that I am already thinking of signing up for my first ever full marathon :) The best thing about my journey with Eliza (on top of the encouragement she gave when I contacted her) was that she gave me advice on how I can play around with the menu if my career, social life, and other obligations made me miss a run or two. The flexibility of incorporating a full training program into a full time career was what I loved best about this experience! Thank you! 

Katie C

I achieved my PR on a half marathon after working with Eliza. We did sprint workouts together (far less scarier than it sounds) and she was incredibly supportive. I like best that she was mindful of my goals and met me where I was. For the race she ran the last .5 miles with me and it was certainly a key milestone in my fitness journey!